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The Anarchist's Jokebook

by Devo Spice

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Banner 03:48
Intro Banner Banner, Banner, Banner Banner, Banner Verse 1 CDC's in Atlanta Run the tests that they planned to Wussy man, Bruce Banner Caught in the mix and kablammo Overdose, gammas Transform into a new man now Clothing ripped off of manhood Except for purple pajamas Hulk smash! Anger! Better run, danger! Muscles swole, stammer Green skin, glammer Hulk is strongest on planet Hulk show you where to cram it No limit how strong I can be Hope puny man understand me Banner Banner, Banner, Banner Banner, Banner Verse 2 I get large when I'm angered Bulging all green with it, like a Lantern Banner pale, Hulk tanner Plus have much better bedside manner Whole bunch of evil guys, they be askin' For Hulk to just pulverize, Absorbing Man just a giant leech, Red Hulk Look like ginger put on a beach, he gonna screech Gargoyle, smash him Red King, trash him Toss a tank, like a hammer Not my problem don't care where it landed Loki showed up with Chitauri commandos Smash the big ship and their alien Rambos Thrashing the puny god, trashing his army Sit down and partake in eating of schwarma And go back for seconds, we just sit And eat there in the wreckage, after battle We all were quite peckish, no you wouldn't Like me when I'm angry, but Natasha somehow Can still calm me down, "Hey big guy" Can be such a relaxing sound, but if Loki Or Thor got up in my space they would end up with their Body parts every place and a much flatter face Thrash it, see a house and I trash it I take cars and I crash it, see how I Mash it, crush it all and then slash it Your mouth just wrote you a big check and I dare you To cash it, see your face and I bash it Gamma rays make me unbeatable, smile I Flash it, don't just stare at me blankly I'm big and I'm green and I'm angry, I'm Hulk and I smash it! Banner Banner, Banner, Banner Banner, Banner Stan Lee: You can't be the Hulk! I'm the Hulk! Verse 3 I got friends in Avengers We are earth's foremost defenders But now Hulk got his own planet Doing well, me not stranded Hulk fight, champion Thor winning, not happening Hulk sit around in pajamas Watching Hannah Montana Huge TV, plasma Big drink, Shasta Play music, banjo No underwear, commando In college Hulk was a lambda At Christmas Hulk'll play Santa Hulk is not mean, that slander Now only Hulk, no more Banner! Banner Banner, Banner, Banner Banner, Banner Engineer: OK, we got it. Hey, I gotta run. I'll meet you back here tomorrow and we'll finish things up, OK? Devo: Sure, no problem. See you then. (door close, walking) Hey, where's my ride. Dude didn't show up? Ugh, guess I'll have to hitchhike. (The Lonely Man Theme)
I'm a Hip Hop maven, with rhymes that I'm cravin' Beard with the lines that I'm shavin' Weird, but at times I'm amazin', not to be Feared, but sometimes I think I'm kinda crazy Lazy, sit around the house eatin' popcorn Mouse button clickin' on a picture full of hot porn Pickin' up laundry, fold what is not torn Find a pair of underwear there that I've not worn Got a name that the rap game gave me Crowds shout it loud while they clap and are raving Proud of the rowdiness happening daily Cloud-nine rhymes 'cause I'm frakkin' amazing Till one day when a strange man changed it Willed his way and his brain now reigns it Chains my name to this wack identity While he's out back playing Pac-Man and Centipede My name is Dinky McDiddlyboots My music is plinky and Ritalin-fused Ned Flanders thinks in "diddly-doos" But I'm MC Dinky McDiddlyboots My name is Dinky McDiddlyboots My music is plinky and Ritalin-fused Pac-Man eats Inky and Blinky and fruits But I'm MC Dinky McDiddlyboots Now I gotta make changes to everything Every song's wrong so the files will never ping Miles of lyrics to compile with a clever string While I clear it with Google and even Bing And because of this stupid jerk I have to Update all my paperwork, great, now I'm late for work Name on my licenses changed to reflect it Drivers, marriage, and bikini inspector's My whole life's turned upside-down I obliged this clown and my wife skipped town And I found at work they would leave me out of meetings But call me all day to play voicemail greetings This may be his crowning achievement I'm drowning in spite but I try to be lenient I've seen it, this may sound trite but I mean it This really is quite inconvenient My name is Dinky McDiddlyboots My music is plinky and Ritalin-fused Ned Flanders thinks in "diddly-doos" But I'm MC Dinky McDiddlyboots My name is Dinky McDiddlyboots My music is plinky and Ritalin-fused Shoebox is a big mean stinkety poop Now I'm MC Dinky McDiddlyboots
Verse 1 Hey Doctor, what did you do to your face? I don't mean to be rude to your race, but it seems Like your eyebrows have picked up the pace, and they've taken On a life of their own, like that sleep dust from space What are you trying to say, to yourself? Are you tired of lying awake? 'Cause you help Like you've been hired to save the day, or did you just Get punched one too many times in the face, now you're stuck that way What seems to be your new mission, and why Are you dressed like a crappy magician, there's a thing Under your bed if you just stop and listen, and you bring A chalkboard to figure nuclear fission, a magician Played guitar in a medieval castle, and dude They were hardly difficult to dazzle, that was shrewd Because dying can be such a hassle, over four and a half Billion years you watched the puzzle unravel Chorus Take me away to the Promised Land With that weird liquid I don't understand Oh hey turns out it's a Cyberman But I'm sure you have a plan Take me away to the Promised Land Where the people are so pale that I look tanned Though I know your last trip didn't go as planned That would still be just as grand Verse 2 I want to fly through the darkness of space, and maybe Touch down on an alien base, just take me To the universe's happiest place, and see all the Characters in the biggest ever database I want to ride on a runaway train, or we can Shrink down and enter somebody's brain, you could Get us a ticket for the fast lane, I want to have Breakfast in China, and dinner in Spain So many adventures ahead, I wanna meet The characters with oversized heads, or see A haunted manor and then talk to the dead, or we could go Listen to what the past presidents said Where 2D creations come alive and there's Futuristic cars you can make and test drive And humanoid androids trying to survive, and I even heard Robin Hood is making an appearance at five (chorus) Doctor: "Go to hell. Or Heaven. Or wherever people go when they die. If there is a place." Devo: "Die?! No, I wanted to go to Disney World. You know, in Florida? Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Hall of Presidents... Walt Disney World." Doctor: Oh, the human race. You're never happy, are you?" Verse 3 So Missy will talk off your ears, weren't you supposed to Guard her for a thousand years? Well that Goes out the window once you've had a few beers, you just Left her to die on a ship, killed by one of her peers And explain this whole moon thing again, it's been An egg since god only knows when, I get that Moons hatching is a dangerous trend, but how does A creature lay an egg bigger than its rear end? And forests that appear overnight, trying to Protect us from the sun burning bright, massive Solar flares that will light up the night, but all that Extra oxygen would make the earth explode, am I right? I can learn the TARDIS interface, but should I Be concerned about your companion's fates? I mean because You're 0 for 2 for keeping them safe, Clara met the Raven, and Bill's a water demon in space Spoken: So maybe I should think about this for a minute. Oh, what the hell? (chorus)
[chorus 1] Beautiful girls, all over the world Are really from space here, they’re an alien race here This is nothin’ but truth, baby Nothin’ but truth, baby [verse 1] I know this may be a big surprise Regardless of the truth that is right before your eyes But alien reptiles run the left wing And the government’s covered up every damn thing And you may laugh at my tin foil hat But I can prove to you that the earth is flat Just take a good look at the moon, man And you’ll see that it’s really nothing but a hologram There’s so much nonsense in all these concepts That people just accept as fact, Like the existence of kale, daily mail Can’t you see this is all an act? To prepare us for the pending alien attack By conditioning us to serve ‘em Big Macs And constantly eat a ton of salty snacks (The aliens like their food salty) [chorus 2] Robotic squirrels, reptilian girls Were already placed here right in front of your face here This is nothin’ but truth, baby Nothin’ but truth, baby They have been here, for thousands of years But hey now don’t sweat it, just keep spending on credit This is nothin’ but truth, baby Nothin’ but truth, baby [verse 2] I’m astounded that folks don’t uncover stuff I’ve been around and I’ve seen all the cover-ups I mean it’s not like the government hides it well Obama’s a lizard, you can clearly tell Now they’re breaking down border, killing reporters Tracking everybody with the chips in their quarters You are just a pawn in their New World Order Stop! Now think about it They’re spraying London, spraying Paris Spraying chemtrails everywhere They spray every country except Norway Because Norway was never there And for that matter neither is Delaware Oh don’t act like you weren’t aware When’s the last time you met someone from Delaware See? See?! Huh?! [chorus 3] All those food stamps, that we all pay for Are laced with some drugs to sterilize all the poor This is nothin’ but truth, baby Nothin’ but truth, baby Poisonous snow, that just wouldn’t melt Was dumped over Georgia and the whole Bible Belt This is nothin’ but truth, baby Nothin’ but truth, baby [verse 3] Everywhere I go, I encounter something new And I only say this, to enlighten all of you So let me show you the truth, as I host my own panel On my brand new show, on the History Channel! [chorus 4] Beautiful girls, all over the world Are robots they gave us that are here to enslave us This is nothin’ but truth, baby Nothin’ but truth, baby Elvis is alive, and so’s JFK And they’re fighting mummies in their rest home today This is nothin’ but truth, baby Nothin’ but truth, baby [announcer] Coming up on Nothin’ But Truth, the Gates of Hell open beneath Denver International Airport. We’ll tell you where to go and what restaurants to avoid during your layover. And our special report on Cabbage Patch Dolls. Do they resemble what mutant children will look like after a nuclear holocaust? And, are you posting pictures on Facebook for Throwback Thursday? Then you’re allowing the NSA to catalog photographs that were taken before Facebook existed. Don’t post another picture until you see our special report. Stay tuned to The History Channel. Your source for the real truth.
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Stupid Rap Battles! In this corner, weighing in at seven pounds, six ounces, made of 100 percent cast iron, and seasoned to perfection, it's your grandmother's frying pan! And in this corner, with a population of twenty million six hundred-thousand, an average annual rainfall of 59.2 inches, and an average summer temperature of 82 degrees, it's the state of Florida! Begin! Frying pan: Hey Florida, where’d you learn to be a state, man? Is Alabama giving lessons? ‘Cause that’s not a great plan You’re nothing but a swamp that most people stomp past I guess that’s what explains the constant swamp-ass You screwed up the election back in Y2k I mean, how long has this country been voting anyway? And you still messed it up and never fessed up, besides And you think I’ll trust my life to all those theme park rides? Your weather is hot? Yeah, not so much You have to wear an oven mitt ‘cause I’m too hot to touch Did you really think that I would be impressed by your palms I tell you though, I love to be caressed by your moms Florida: My weather is beautiful, my girls are hot I got beaches and parks, your best friend is a pot And you are not even in the same league as me But I will sell you a timeshare eagerly I got 1300 miles of a beautiful coast You got a couple things you make that go good with toast I would take you to Disney but I have to be candid You’d be stranded in the park ‘cause you’re not even enchanted Man, did you really think you’d have a chance Against teacups and candles that can sing and dance? Just go back on the shelf because you’ve met your match I’ve survived hurricanes, oh you might get a scratch Frying pan: You’re gonna have to come up with something better pretty quick Your insults just slide right off, I’m non-stick And I get better with time, it’s called seasoning But I know you’re not exactly good at reasoning You’ve got twenty million people in the world’s lamest gang Picture all these people living in America’s wang I can’t deny, I am not understanding why Because you only go to Florida when you plan to die Do I even need to bring up Florida Man? And alligators as pets is a horrible plan Your state is as exciting as gutting a loft Bugs Bunny had the right idea of cutting you off Florida: You burn things so easy you make lunch a disgrace Man, come down to Cape Canaveral and I’ll launch you to space It’s all state-of-the-art, staffed with the prime of the geeks Your technology’s unchanged since the time of the Greeks I think you’ve been sniffin’ that gas too long Thought you would win this battle but alas you’re wrong You’re a flat round metal that’s encased in grime An inanimate object, don’t waste my time There’s no chef here so tell me what your excuse is Now I’ll just leave you to stew in your own juices You just never seemed to make your case So I’m out, leaving you with some egg on your face
Yeah! This is a story you won’t see on Cribs! Or Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous! Maybe Hoarders. Big-time rapper, I’m a legend in the game Like that guy from Mega-Man 2, what’s his name? You know the one with the bubbles, ah whatever, I digress I’m the best funny rapper ‘cause I’m better than the rest Devo Spice is the name to remember Not a Spice Girl, no I was never a member With an old school flow I can bring the heat That means I don’t mumble and I rap on the beat For the nerds and the muggles, yo, I’m rockin’ a sound Big fish in a puddle now I’m floppin’ around Countin’ up my money, that’s when I realize I got enough that I can supersize my fries (chorus) ‘Cause I’m living that life The comedy-music life Yeah, I’m living that life The comedy-music life I’ve toured everywhere from the east to the west And my guide on the Jungle Cruise Ride was the best Do you know how I know my career’s gonna last? I’m the number one artist on my uncle’s podcast Comedy-rap is kind of a niche So finding new fans is kind of a bitch But I got fans all around the whole world, I maintain That there’s two in California and at least one in Spain I brought enough CDs for everyone at the show To buy multiple copies, so come on, let’s go And you know few artists can do this, so I’m proud That I can name everybody in the crowd [chorus] Comedy clubs don’t want music and so I go to music clubs to put on a comedy show But they don’t want that so I try at conventions But rappers in filk circles just raise tensions But I won’t be stopped, no way I can lose Now this YouTube video has over seventy views I’m a legend in the comedy-rap world of the weird Over-forty-from-New-Jersey-rappers-with-a-red-beard On my throne I’m the king of everything all around But when I get up and flush it doesn’t always go down I hit the town in a car that I got such a great deal Pimpin’ three-wheel motion ‘cause I’m missing a wheel I can’t sit down because my wallet’s so fat Got so many receipts crammed into that Spending so much money day in and day out That my credit cards are mostly maxed out [chorus] Clerk: Sir.... Sir!... SIR! Excuse me, sir!! That's nice and all, but if you don't tell me what you want to order I'll have to ask you to leave. You're holding up the drive-thru. Devo: Oh, sorry. Yeah, um, let me have a number seven. Clerk: What do you want to drink? Devo: Diet Coke. Clerk: OK, do you want to super-size that? Devo: Hell yeah I wanna super size that! You know why? Clerk: Oh no… [chorus]
Just wakin’ up in the morn of Black Friday Got a feeling this is gonna be my day No traffic on the ten, but then again Nobody on the road at 2am I got to Walmart, and then I went “whoa!” Finally got a parking spot right there in the front row Runnin’ through my list as I approach the store Thinkin’ will I give, to the santa by the door I got a plushie of a Porg and it’s so soft I think I found a Switch, and check it out it’s half Off, had to stop by the TVs Wavin’ at the cameras so everybody sees me And everything is so calm I got a three-for-one offer on lemon-scented bath Balm, called up the app for the shopping mall And right there is ten percent off it all Get me a new game and a futon Last week shopped around and got a double coupon Meetin’ shoppers on the way but it’s OK I can’t believe today was a good day Drove to the mall to tackle that craze Didn’t even see no people takin’ surveys ‘Cause just yesterday they tried to sell me windows Saw a display for Amazon Kindles No stoppin’, didn’t even feel like I was going to drop it as I finished up my shopping Left the mall before dark and I didn’t Have to look too far for where I parked my car Load it in, load it in, load it in, loaded! Rollin’ down the main avenue I see they’ve opened up A brand new 7-11, another 7-11 And another, how the hell many do they think we need? I picked up a Big Gulp Saw a protester and didn’t have to get involved Plus nobody I know got killed at the mall today You could say it was a good day Stopped at Sears on the way Picked up a grill been trying to find since last May It’s gigantic, I’m thinkin’ Can it maybe smoke every fish in the Atlantic? While I was dreamin’ ‘bout those cravings I pulled out my store card for even more savings And these sales run deep, so deep So deep iPhones are cheap Weren’t no angry chants, and nobody Got trampled by a mob of white women in yoga pants Drove to the pad singin’ softly, took another Sip of my coffee, got a free large Frosty I was glad everything had worked out Dropped my stuff off, and wasn’t burnt out Today was like some kind of fine treat Didn’t even see a granny slippin’ on the concrete No stupid airplanes dragging any banners Two-year-old kids had perfect manners Even found a sale on Goodyear tires Bought directly from their suppliers I’ll admit this was really fun Not even December and my shopping is nearly done Today I didn’t even have to use my A.K. I gotta say it was a good day Wait wait wait what the hell am I thinking? Hey you! Hand over those fidget spinners. I need them for my kids. In fact all the fidget stuff. Fidget spinners, fidget rollers, fidget clickers, fidget dildos, whatever. If it fidgets it’s mine. And you, hand over that “Peace on Earth” decoration or I will beat your skull in!
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Stupid Rap Battles! In this corner, weighing in at 4.5 ounces, 140 calories, and with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of seventy-five cents, it's a bag of Cheetos that got stuck in the vending machine. And in this corner, weighing in at three and a half tons, first erected in 1923, and has graffiti cleaned off it annually, it's the second L in the Hollywood sign. Begin! Devo: Well well well it's a stupid letter L I thought it was a broken hash tag, it's hard to tell And you've been standing out there for how long on that hill? Wow, I bet your life has just been a series of thrills I am a delicious little treat for the clan You are just a blight on the sight of the land And what you might not understand though it's true of you Is that you're not even special because there's two of you So shallow you are nearly two-dimensional I can't believe that your construction was intentional And I should mention, I wonder if attention's what you want Why you're standing there showing off a boring-ass font Starf: As I stand here all majestic thinking what's that sound I'm being mocked by a thing that got stuck falling down? I think you underestimate a bit my total worth I overlook one of the most famous cities on earth You ain't even worth what they paid for you Like a hooker who refuses to get laid for you You're a tease showing off with the glass in between Like a peep show hosted in a vending machine You had one job, that's to come down off the shelf If I were you I'd try not to draw attention to myself You're hanging out too much like a man in Speedos Just sittin' there like 'Durr, I'm a bag of Cheetos' Devo: People grab a pack when they want something to munch I'm a tasty little snack with a satisfying crunch And I will sit here and wait until my time has come And someone's gonna feel great when they get two for one you are pursued by hundreds of folks each year And you fill each one with false hopes of a career They will cheer when they see you as their dreams you enable But they'll still be looking to you when they bus their table You fancy yourself as some kind of a shrine But you're just a stupid line that's part of a stupid sign You call people to you like you're playing Red Rover I hope a gust of wind comes and blows you over Starf: I'm a historical landmark, if I get defaced I'll be hastily repaired, you'll just get replaced You're a symbol of sloth along with chips and beers I've been a symbol of art for more than a hundred years Tempting folks to try to knock you down is pretty lame Like a prize in the world's worst carnival game You ripped someone off and don't even seen to care You're nothing but fake cheese and some processed air The worst feeling in the world is when you just want a snack And it doesn't come out, and don't get your money back Someone paid seventy-five cents? well that's nifty But they won't do it again 'cause you ain't worth a buck fifty Announcer: Who won?! Who cares?! Who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp?!
(music starts, have natural break where you think the vocals would start, then don’t start them. Then another and have me start, only to be stopped by someone else.) Luke: “No, wait. Hold up.” Devo: “Oh, not yet?” Luke: “No, we have to build the music some more.” Devo: “Oh OK.” (Then a third time) Luke: “Hold on. Just a little more.” Devo: “What, really? Ugh, give me that record.” (spin it forward really fast to get to the next one. Then the lyrics will start.) [verse 1] Now let me tell you a story that’s kind of weird About my best friend Will who disappeared So just sit back now and you will see Just how things went down back in ‘83 (break) ...uh huh huh Well we were at my house playing D&D It was Will, Lucas, Dustin, and me The campaign I ran left ‘em shaken and scared When out of nowhere a monster appeared Who said “I’m sorry, Mike, all your friends have to leave” Come on, Mom, just twenty minutes, please? But no, she said we had to end the game And that was the end of our great campaign Everybody left all alone, if you’re stunned It was 1983, that’s just how it was done We’ve never had a problem before, it’s true But on Will’s journey he rolled a two He never made it home, though I should mention He was at the right house, just the wrong dimension Because a tall monster—I didn’t know we had those Brought Will back to the Veil of Shadows [chorus] Will’s gone missing, that’s why I’m rappin’ A monster is loose, we need to trap him I’m sure that stranger things have happened But I don’t know when, I really don’t know when (break) Luke: Are you going to fast-forward through this part too? Devo: No, this is where I catch my breath. Luke: Ah. [Verse 2] We all went out to search for Will Past the road by his house in the woods on the hill One minute we’re kids playing with our toys Now we’re solving mysteries like The Hardy Boys What we found out there, you wouldn’t believe While my sister was quote-unquote studying with Steve We happened to chance upon a maiden faire Her name was Eleven and she had no hair She didn’t talk much but it’s no mystique With a mouth full of Eggos it’s hard to speak And I think that maybe with her special skill She can help us find Will, or get us all killed Meanwhile Will’s Mom Joyce is freaked All she does is scream, howl, and shriek I don’t mean to judge but I’m not the one Who got an obscene phone call from her son (static and breathing break) She’s got a new phone and she got another call And she’s got a new hole in her living room wall And she’s got an ex-husband who wants to sue And a crazy idea about what she should do The roof! The roof! The roof is on fire! Look at that thing, it’s burning bright Oh wait, never mind, it’s just Christmas lights (chorus) [Verse 3] Our new friend Eleven, El for short Is the one who opened the demon’s port In a lab that doesn’t exist, no way And totally isn’t run by the CIA Her crazy Papa, Dr. Brenner Kept her locked up in that research center And trained her mind to act like a radio I wonder if she can tune in Dr. Demento We thought that El was a total fake When they pulled Will’s body out of the lake I fought with Lucas over what she did But it turned out to be a fancy Cabbage Patch Kid The HAM radio that our science teacher owned Amplified her powers like a megaphone And proved that Will really didn’t drown And is trapped with a monster in the Upside Down (scratch - “Inside out and upside down”) The monster seems to be attracted to blood And he comes around hoping he can grab some grub If he sees you he’ll take you back to his place Put the moves on you, and try to suck face Nothing is effective at stopping this So don’t let him give you a big sloppy kiss If the lights start to flicker it’s not the wires Better run or your face will end up on those fliers (chorus) (Break:) Luke: “Eh, you know, I was thinking, Devo Spice isn’t really a good rap name for 1983.” Devo: “It isn’t?” Luke: “No, you need something more grandiose, like Grandmaster Flash, or The Treacherous Three, or The Furious Five.” Devo: “Yeah, but there’s only one of me.” Chris: “How about The Wonderful One?” Devo: “I don’t think so.” Luke: “No, you need something like Grandmaster Devo Dev and the… Spicy… … Enchiladas.” Devo: “What? That doesn’t even make sense.” Chris: “Grandmaster Devo Dev and the Spicy Chicken Wings?” Devo: “No! No Grandmaster.” Chris: “Thighmaster?” Devo: “What’s a thighmaster?” Chris: “Oh right, it’s 1983. That hasn’t come out yet.” Luke: “What about beta? Was that still around in 83?” Chris: “Yeah, I think so.” Luke: “Oh! Remember The A-Team! That came out in 83! Man, that was so awesome!” Chris: “Yeah, and Fraggle Rock. That started in 83.” Devo: “Guys?” Luke: “And Manimal! Remember Manimal?!” Devo: “Guys!! … Manimal?! Seriously?! Manimal? Can we get back to the song please?” Luke and Chris (softly): “Sorry.” [verse 4] On top of all this some kids at school Often bully us and are mean and cruel When they mocked will’s death I blew a fuse And El made him wet his Underoos It only got worse after that little tiff They held Dustin with a knife and made me jump off a cliff Thankfully El was pretty near, oh Made me fly like The Greatest American Hero While those mouthbreathers get me upset The Hawkins Lab staff are a much bigger threat Lucas warned us that they were coming for El So we hopped on our bikes and pedaled like hell They came at us from every direction And cut us off at every intersection There was no escape that I could see If only someone could make us fly like E.T. We met up with everybody back at the school Where we built a think tank from an old kiddie pool We were hoping that El could contact Will Without blowing up our long distance bill Hopper and Joyce did some lab confronting My sister and Jonathan went monster hunting That left me alone with El by my side And Dustin alone with the pudding supply We couldn’t rest long ‘cause all too soon The school was attacked by Brenner and his goons Things were nuts, it was really scary But El was great, she went completely Carrie We kind of won, but I lost my friend And I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again But I’m holding out hope that she’ll come back around A new shipment of Eggos is coming to town (chorus) Devo: For Christmas that year I finally got an Atari. Just as the video game market was about to crash. Thanks Mom!
Ride down the block Jump on a croc Race as a Boo Chomp on a dot Birds in the lane Sweatin’ from the strain Tune in and watch ‘Cause I’m playin’ games Camera on my face in the corner of the monitor Welcome all my viewers with a catch phrase and moniker Lighting and perfect make-up ‘cause of mad vanity Kids see me on their little screens and learn profanity I’m-a start playin’ a game then I’ll tell you what I’m doin’ Narrating the scene plus some little quips I threw in Many people tell me that I need to get a life At least I play the games, you just watch me, right? Couple hours each day you stay undaunted Watchin’ me play some game you wanted No charity fundraiser or anything laudable By the way this episode is brought to you by Audible I might get a little arthritis in my hands But I’m just actin’ like a jerk ‘cause I got to be Being this obnoxious comes naturally I’ll make millions every year because people keep watchin’ me Ride down the block Load up your glock Dig in the ground Tour in Iraq Work on your aim Then fire up the MAME Tune in and watch ‘Cause I’m playin’ games Jump on a block Shoot at a flock Sit down and race Stand up and rock Run through the flames And back up your claims Tune in and watch ‘Cause I’m playin’ games Sega, Nintendo, or Sony? Sega, Nintendo, or Sony? Sega… hey, what about Microsoft? Man, screw Microsoft! I’m still mad at them for buying Rare. I want more Banjo Kazooie! I’m-a explain why you probably never seen me I never filmed a suicide while in the forest streaming It turns out YouTube audiences really aren’t forgiving Please believe when you see me I’m just trying to make a living I do dumb things all the time and I make it look so easy But even I know there’s a limit to what we see I think I need a break, my controller’s gettin’ greasy And I’m wheezing, feelin’ queasy, while I’m in my basement freezing I know that if I stick with it I’ll be a hit some day ‘Cause not just anyone can talk while they play YouTubers are common but I know it’s meant to be Hey look my view count just hit forty-three! Line up a block Pretend you’re a jock Pull out a spine Hob nob with Spock Jump in the frame Race with a train Tune in and watch ‘Cause I’m playin’ games Jump on a block Open a lock Crap in your pants Fight with a rock Enter your name Or suffer through the pain Tune in and watch ‘Cause I’m playing games Sega, Nintendo, or Sony? Hey, what about ColecoVision? Sega, Nintendo, or Sony? Or the Intellivision? Sega, Nintendo, or Sony? I think I have an OUYA around here somewhere... Sega, Nintendo, or Sony?
[Peter Parker (Devo Spice)]: Aw yeah, that's my jam, I mean literally my jam Try and keep up because you gotta know who I am Peter Parker, with Mary Jane beside her man I am the one-and-only Spider-Man I climb walls, shoot webs, great strength and agility And with great power comes blah blah blah My ability to cling to walls and then swing Means I'm shootin' out webs like silly string I got a theme song, t-shirt, cartoon, and toys And a breakfast cereal that nobody enjoys And a third nipple, at least according to my wiki Don't mind fighting crime but my hands are always sticky So Kingpin lost his whole family what a pity But the thing he built could destroy the whole city Hate to be a party pooper but we gotta stop the threat Take this goober, and I'm dead [Miles Morales (Creative Mind Frame (AKA 1-UP))]: When I’m done you’ll wanna cop this... put em up Miles morales here (heh) that’s what’s up Young kid but a brainiac a maniac For anything my uncle would do, but he’s a shady cat And that’s another act back to my story line I packed no punches and that’s being blunt kid Itty bitty spider bite that’s what made it story time That’s so nuts now I lack no function You’re telling me that I’m a new Spider-Man Gone from no skills to doing anything a fighter can First the multiverse gets shattered... broken jars Now a bunch a spideys slinging round... broken arms Don’t doubt me cas I’m never giving up Steph Curry on a dunk sometimes I'm trippin up Steady on my grind enemies I’m rippin up, No spoilers here so that’s enough [Peter B. Parker (Insane Ian)]: Hi I’m Pete, It’s sure nice to meet ya I fight supervillains (when I’m not eating pizza) I’m just like that last guy, tho my hair is much darker My driver’s license says my name’s Peter B. Parker Tho starker in contrast, we’re really quite alike My guts a little larger but of the two, well, I’m alive But if a girl gets kidnapped and she’s thrown inside a van Well I’m another friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Thought I was alone (not just cause MJ left me) Struggled through a portal (cause I might be kinda hefty) Landed in this city, met this little kiddie He was bitten by a spider like the one that went and bit me Now I’m a mentor, teach this kid the ropes On how to be a hero and to give people hope Responsibility & Power, and before you have to ask Always wash your suit and never sneeze inside the mask [Gwen Stacy (Bonnie Gordon)]: Hey guys, it's Gwen, and I have been Living as the one and only Spider-Woman Bit by a spider and I might've got here first And I'm from another, another universe I don't do friends, got two or three styles And I'm not helping you through puberty, Miles You were a big help and I'm glad you were there but No, you don't get to like my haircut I've been protecting my version of New York Without ever expecting any help for the work Now lots of spider people are infesting these nights Of all of you I look best in these tights But still, it's nice that support has appeared 'Cause this whole experience has been royally weird But if I'm not mistaken, there's more for us to see And do I smell bacon? [Spider-Ham (TV's Kyle)]: That would be me [Spider-Ham (TV's Kyle)]: You’re not hallucinatin’, Gwen, you know who I am! I’m your friendly neighborhood Spider-Ham Where’s Ducktor Doom? I’ll give him a tackle! And then I’ll take a selfie for J. Jonah Jackal Got a hospital and a horse got loose? Call Peter Porker. I’ll Chuck Jones his caboose! I’ll frolic and I’ll dance and I’ll do this with my pants and I’ll whack him on the snoot! Man, he’ll never stand a chance I got a big hammer and you know I’m gonna club ya My Marvel Tails will make you go “What The?!” Kingpin and Liv, man, who the heck is that? Reminds me of KingPig and Dr Octopussycat I’ve heard folks have been shipping me and Noir. Just pray Mary Jane Waterbuffalo don’t know who you are In Gwen’s subconscious, you could say that I steered her Does that sound weird? It CAN get weirder [Peni Parker (LEX the Lexicon Artist)]: This is my spider, I'm Peni P, we are A dynamic duo, call me SP//dr I might be kawaii but that don’t mean that I’m weak Because I pack a streak of genius in my teeny physique See I pilot this machine with my psychic connection We scale the highest ceilings like the guys in Inception Protecting New York City from malevolent creatures And we're messing with their systems like professional griefers My father left to join the Black Parade Now it’s up to me to carry on the masquerade I have to say, my mech suit is better than Tony’s It can send you to your death with twenty seven emojis, homie So don’t be stunting cause I’m small and I’m cute I crawl in the suit, all of a sudden I'm taller than you That’s all that I do, a supercomputer not a shooter of webs Here from the future to save you losers or you would be dead [Spider-Man Noir (the great Luke Ski)]: The wind follows me, it smells like rain. SURPRIZE ATTACK! You mugs will feel my pain. Uncle Benjamin was eaten by Vulture. So gory, But it makes a good hard-core origin story. I'm Spider-Noir, the color thing is new to me, Unlike egg creams and moral ambiguity. Wrong or right? I don't know what to say! Am I black or white, or 50 shades of grey? You wanna dance in a biscuit box session? I'll crash you harder than the Great Depression! I'm trying a fedora. Future fashion is wild, But punching a Nazi is never out of style. Just like 6 bullets in a snub .45, We're Web Warriors, takin' nobody's jive. Out of all of the fellas, I cause the most fright, 'Cuz I am the terror that THWIPS in the night! [Spider-Ham (TV's Kyle)]: Is he allowed to say that? Legally?
The only thing it does is make things fall down And the only reason was that the earth is round Well suppose I didn’t wanna go down, maybe I wanna Go up, goodness knows that is gonna be tough ‘Cause now I gotta go to the complete other side Of the planet, because it can’t fall up, can it? I tried to understand it, it stinks all around ‘Cause all it wants to do is make things fall down And it all falls at the same speed, that’s dumb Thirty-two feet per second, where the heck is that from Things with more mass should fall more fast But no, gravity is just a pain in the ass (chorus) Ooh! Look at me! I’m gravity! I’m stupid Ooh! Look at me! I’m gravity! I’m stupid I’m resigned to my fate so I’ll state in plain words If gravity’s so great, explain birds It’s a force that tries to drag everything down So why’s the moon keep going round and round? The sky is falling! Sure enough, well it could be And why ain’t that stuff on the shelf where it should be? Right, ‘cause my cat is an asshole, of course And he’s dazzled by gravity’s fanciful force It goes on forever causing drag, that’s dumb It’ll never stop until your boobs sag, that’s dumb Even men, that’s dumb, so what I’ve done, here’s a clue, kid Hack the Wikipedia page to say “STUPID!” (chorus)
[chorus 1] Must be outta my head, must be outta my mind But I really love that man of mine so sweet, since we were first dating The way that he smells is intoxicating When he’s in the stall, it’s like his secret lair He does some really really bad things in there So bad, my eyes are dilated What can I say? He’s constipated [verse 1] (ngh) I just sit here (ngh) and I push and strain (ngh) And if I push too hard, I might pop my brain Been a long while, and a mighty bout And oh my God, smells so bad that I might pass out Bend over at the waste now, stench dissolving the wall’s grout Nails dig into my thighs, a marble-size piece falls out And I’m muffling all my shouts, while my teeth all crack in my mouth As the pain builds up in my gut, hope my colon doesn’t pop out [pre-chorus] And I said it’s quite the endeavor, feels like I’m in here forever Stars in my vision as I clench my teeth together I want you forever, we’ll asphyxiate together Ours is much better than just whips and chains and leather [chorus 2] Must be outta my head, must be outta my mind But I really love that man of mine He’s so sweet, since we were first dating The way that he smells is intoxicating When he’s in the stall, it’s like his secret lair He does some really really bad things in there So bad, a task force was created What can I say? He’s constipated [verse 2] (ngh) I just can’t take it (ngh) my face is flush But at least I beat another level on Candy Crush It feels like a cannon ball, comes out my ass And when it passes, it rips me in half Let me crack a window, try to air out my house Last time I lit a match, singed off both eyebrows Sorry that you had to listen, to all the noises that you heard Like I’m trying to give birth to a twelve pound baby turd [pre-chorus] And I said it’s quite the endeavor, feels like I’m in here forever (how long have you been in there?) Stars in my vision as I clench my teeth together I want you forever, we’ll asphyxiate together Ours is much better than just whips and chains and leather [chorus 3] Must be outta my head, must be outta my mind But I really love that man of mine He’s so sweet, since we were first dating The way that he smells is intoxicating When he’s in the stall, it’s like his secret lair He does some really really bad things in there So bad, the dog was sedated What can I say? He’s constipated [bridge] The way we lo-o-ove, is so unique And what he do-(cough)-oes, is just for me And screw them if they judge us, ‘cause they don’t see But baby hurry up, I have to pee [pre-chorus] And I said it’s quite the endeavor, feels like I’m in here forever Stars in my vision as I clench my teeth together I want you forever, we’ll asphyxiate together Ours is much better than just whips and chains and leather [chorus 4] Must be outta my head, must be outta my mind But I really love that man of mine He’s so sweet, since we were first dating The way that he smells is intoxicating When he’s in the stall, it’s like his secret lair He does some really really bad things in there So bad, the birds all migrated What can I say? (Jeez, baby) He’s constipated
Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Stupid Rap Battles! In this corner, weighing in at 15 pounds, with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $12.99, and an expiration date in the 22nd century, it's a club size container of mayonnaise! And in this corner, a man with no discernible talent, no concept of social boundaries, who enjoys imitating a legendary comedian who weighs in at 175 pounds, it's a cheap Gilbert Gottfried impression. Hey! I'm not cheap! I was paid handsomely for this! Look, I got a sticker and everything. Ugh. Whatever. Begin! Oh God, it's that voice again Like the nails on the chalkboard noise again But you know what really adds to my deep aggravation You're not even real, just a cheap imitation Why in God's name would you mimic Gottfried Did you think that it would help your career? Godspeed Look what it did for his, I mean not the best luck 'Cause gee wiz, he was fired from playing a duck I'm a good buy, I can save you money And I'm perfectly mixed, I'm not dry or runny You'll be glad you came, take a stab and see A sandwich ain't the same without a dab from me Who the hell would want that much mayonnaise? What, do you use it for snow on the holidays? Are you planning to spackle your walls? Or do you have a body hidden that you need to dissolve? I'll admit one of my biggest fears Is eating BLT sandwiches for 400 years Who are you feeding, an entire chorus line? Or does your wife have another secret family... or nine? Or maybe just your Mom, she likes a topping But now you need a trailer to go grocery shopping If you fell off the shelf you'd win the fight with a K.O. Nobody needs a whole barrel of mayo! Yeah, and nobody needs another Gilbert impression But you do it like it feeds some compulsive obsession I feel like it's had ample time to work You sound like that on purpose, and I'm the jerk? It's grating and annoying and it raises blood pressure Pounding on my ears like a male Fran Drescher When I saw your face I could tell it would sting It wouldn't be so bad but you yell everything A thought comes around and you feel you should share it Spare it, you sound like a drill sergeant's parrot The noise needs to stop before you devalue housing Your voice give me chills, like the HAL9000 I'm sorry, Devo, I'm afraid I can't do that Screw that, people like me, I thought you knew that Sure you may be cheaper by the pound at the mall But they'd save more money if they didn't buy you at all I don't like the taste, let alone the smell, man You're not even a brand name, what the Hellman? People really shop in the overkill section? Haven't seen that much white stuff since I had that infection I make people laugh in an unusual way If I say your name backwards will you please go away? Deerftog Treblig, Umm,... so... Did you really think that would work? Eat me! NO! Who won? Who cares? Who said anything about a horse? YOU FOOL!!!
As a kid Halloween was quite the big deal What I did was eat candy each night as a meal From a stash so big you’d think it fell off a truck And I tell you I could swim in it like Scrooge McDuck My costumes made Mrs. Rosenberg plotz I don’t know what that means but she said it a lot Each year we would take our game to the next level And we’d make our way through town like the Tazmanian Devil My friends would come visit my vast neighborhood Then we’d finish up with theirs just as fast as we could Then the plan was we’d all switch costumes and then If we can go back out and do the whole thing again Since I’m out of school ain’t no more trick or treatin’ Have to go the store, buy the candy that I’m eatin’ That’s lame, it isn’t the same as back then If only I could go trick or treatin’ again Trick or treatin’, y’all Trick or treatin’, y’all Just once, I wanna go and do it again Get dressed up and go through the neighborhood with my friends If I could man, I’d be taking my shot I should, heh… well why not? Maybe I could dress up like a ghost or a ghoul or Something and they’ll think I’m a tall middle-schooler Yeah, I’ll be covered from head to toe Ain’t no way I’ll be discovered, how would they know? Maybe I could walk on my knees to look short Or talk with some kind of voice changer of sorts And use more young-people slang when I speak Do kids still say that things are “on fleek?” I know it’s a plan that I should outgrow But throw a sheet over my head and I’m good to go Got the spreadsheet ready for the official tally I just hope no one thinks I’m headin’ to a Klan rally Trick or treatin’, y’all I’m doing it, man! Trick or treatin’, y’all I’m actually doing it! I’m actually going out! *ding dong* Devo: "Trick or treat!" Luke: "Oh, hey Devo. Taking the kids trick-or-treating, eh? Um... where are the kids?" Devo: "No kids. Just me. Trick or treat." *slam* Devo: "Oh well." *ding dong* Devo in weird voice: "Trick or treat!" Carrie: "Hey Devo. What's up?" Devo in weird voice: "I'm not Devo. I'm Billy from... the... next town over." *slam* Devo: "Dammit." *ding dong* Devo with voice changer: "Trick or treat!" Chris: "Hi Tom. Uh, where's the rest of your crew?" Devo with voice changer: "*sigh* Just... trick or treat... just put some candy in the bag." *slam* Devo: "UGH!" *ding ding ding ding ding ding ding* (Doorbell’s broken!) Shoebox: "Devo, hi. Um, I thought the rally was moved to next Saturday." Devo: "What? I… uh… Oh come on!" OK fine, so that’s how it’s gonna be then Guess I’ll be a kid again and get my sweet revenge I can TP your house or throw eggs at your door But wait, I’m an adult and this begs for more I’ll get all your family info and then post on Reddit Or get a loan in your name and there goes your credit I said I hoped it wouldn’t have to come down to that But all it would’ve cost you is a damn Kit Kat But no, so I guess I’ll give the classics a try I shop at Costco, you know how many eggs I can buy? It’ll be weeks before it goes away And I’m sure you’ll get a fine from the HOA So remember next year when I come to your door Make the candy appear or I’m funding a war If not you’ll find out just how mean I can be When it seems you didn’t get a Christmas card from me Trick or treatin’, y’all And I’ll do it too! Trick or treatin’, y’all I’m just that crazy! Trick or treatin’, y’all
Just for You 04:20
(v1) There you are, I see you at the bar, lookin’ like A movie star, I don’t know who you are, but I’m psyched At the chance, to get to meet you, maybe go out And dance, if only I could reach you I’d have a chance At the answer I’m hopin’ we can reach tonight Like an infected toenail I’m-a treat you right But how do I prove that I’m a stud, not a dud? In my grade school days I would just push you in the mud It’s not my style to just invite you to my loft When you look at me and smile I just turn my head and cough Hmm, I know, I’ll just bump you from behind Like it was an accident, then you’ll be as good as mine And it worked, I feel like a jerk, but your number’s In my cell, and it seems to me that the only Way to tell you exactly what you mean to me Is to show you (ch 1) So here’s a picture of my dick, for you Here’s a picture of my dick, for you It’s a mighty fine one and if you’re inclined Then it’ll make your dreams come true It’s a picture of my dick, for you Here’s a picture of my dick, for you It’s a way to mention all my good intentions And I shared it just for you It’s a picture of my dick It’s a picture of my dick (v2) So there it is, the thing that I use to take a whiz Thought it really isn’t huge I’ll bet it’s bigger than his So tell me what’s left to choose, let’s just get down to biz There’s no way that you can lose ’cause I’m the best that there is All the pink and purple hues that are juxtaposed against The faded blue tattoos make the contrast intense The dynamic composition complements my styled hair But hmm, I don’t remember that mole being there Oh never mind, the story it tells is full of win Marvel at it’s glory! Take it all in! And come with me, for this is the part you’ll be enjoying You can see that I’ve mastered the art of the boing At attention like a guard, standing proud And tall like a mushroom in the yard, it’s exquisite But is it overdone? I’m not sure, to be safe Here’s another one. (ch 2) Another picture of my dick, for you Another picture of my dick, for you It’s a different angle and my balls are spangled And I dyed my hair light blue It’s a picture of my dick, for you Another picture of my dick, for you I got a whole collection from my last erection And I chose one just for you It’s a picture of my dick It’s a picture of my dick (v 3) Several hours go by and I get no reply And now I’m wondering why Is she out with some friends, or home sick with the bends Or did the picture not send? This is taking forever, we’d be perfect together! Or you know like whatever Then my phone finally beeps, at her answer I peep “Stay away from me, creep!” Hah, yeah, I should’ve known. (v4) So what’s the deal? I thought we’d go out and grab a meal Did you not get the picture? Don’t you see the appeal? Was it not everything that you would want it to be? Is it ‘cause I only have two balls and not three? I don’t understand. You’re a woman. I’m a man. We’ve got interlocking parts and they go hand-in-hand Well, penis-in-vagina, if you want to be specific So I thought I’d try yours, figured it would be terrific Then again, maybe not, I can do the math I’m a ten, you’re a good solid six and a half And if you’re not into what I put on display Then I’m out, ‘cause you’re probably a whore anyway I sent you a selfie taken by my little friend It’s a beauty, and I even let him push send And you just shot him down, oh wait, then again There’s a message coming in… (ch 3) It’s a picture of a dick, for me Here’s a picture of a dick, for me It’s all fat and hairy and the balls are scary And it’s pointed right at me It’s a picture of a dick, for me Here’s a picture of a dick, for me It’s the last contender from what guys have sent her And she chose it just for me It’s a picture of a dick. I did not want this. It’s a picture of a dick. Why would she think I’d want a picture of some dude’s junk? Man, I do not understand women.


Devo Spice proudly presents his latest collection of hip hop absurdity. The Anarchist's Jokebook features an hour of the funniest and funkiest rap songs Devo Spice has ever produced.

This release features 16 tracks of hilarious hip hop including the Logan-Award-winning "Just for You" and the B.o.B parody "Nothin' but Truth" which made Dr. Demento's Funny 25 countdown in 2016.

For the Doctor Who fans this album features a brand new song focussed on Peter Capaldi's tenure as the legendary Time Lord titled "The Promised Land." And for the Spider-Man fans this album features an epic group jam about Into the Spider Verse called "Spider Verses" which features Creative Mind Frame (aka 1-UP), Insane Ian, Bonnie Gordon, TV's Kyle, LEX the Lexicon Artist, and the great Luke Ski each taking a verse as a character from the award winning animated feature.

This album also features three Stupid Rap Battles with guest appearances by Insane Ian, Starf, and the great Luke Ski, respectively, a 1983-sounding rap about the Netflix show "Stranger Things," and, of course, the fan favorite "Dinky McDiddlyboots." In all there are 16 tracks, including five parodies, clocking in at just over an hour of great music.

In addition to the main album you also get an entire bonus album titled Appendix A which features 18 additional tracks; that's another hour of music. Appendix A includes things like "The Ditch Diggers Theme" from Mur Lafferty and Matt Wallace's Hugo-winning podcast, "What's Really in my Hot Dog," Devo's answer to Steve Goodie's song, and "The Laundromat of Sin," Devo's cover of the Worm Quartet classic.

It also features songs by other artists which feature Devo Spice as a vocalist including "We Want The FuMP" by The FuMP and "Ghostbusters" by Insane Ian. Plus Luke Ski's cover of the old Sudden Death song "Brain Dead," Devo's live appearance on 2d6's "Heh, That's Actually Hilarious" at FuMPFest 2016, and "Doctor of Gallifrey," a Doctor Who parody that Devo wrote for Marc Gunn.

And there's even more! In addition to Appendix A, you also receive download links for Appendix B and C which feature artist's commentary by Devo Spice about each song on The Anarchist's Notebook and Appendix A, respectively. That's another two hours of content.

The music is funky, the lyrics are funny, and the vocals are mumble-free! The Anarchist's Jokebook by Devo Spice is available on CD, as a digital download, or on a USB card. The CD includes Appendix A on the data portion of the CD, plus a download link in the liner notes for Appendix A, B, and C. The digital download includes The Anarchist's Jokebook only with download links in the liner notes for Appendix A, B, and C. The USB card includes The Anarchist's Jokebook, Appendix A, B, and C on the card.


released March 1, 2019

All songs written by Devo Spice, except track 11 written by Devo Spice, Creative Mind Frame (aka 1-UP), Insane Ian, TV's Kyle, LEX the Lexicon Artist, and the great Luke Ski.

Music by Devo Spice, with help from Chris Mezzolesta and Bonecage.

Mixed and mastered by Devo Spice.




Devo Spice Hardyston, New Jersey

Devo Spice is a nerdcore and comedy rapper from New Jersey who has been called "the red-headed stepson of Weird Al Yankovic and Eminem." His demented brand of hip hop made him one of the most popular artists on the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show. In 2011 Devo Spice released the album "Gnome Sane?" and it went to number #28 on the Hip Hop charts on iTunes. ... more

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